Feminist Blogger Rails at Mike Huckabee Comparing Abortion to Slavery on Fox News

August 26th, 2017 3:25 PM

The feminists get very upset when conservatives get too literal and accuse abortion clinics of killing humans. They only "provide health care." Bronwyn Isaac at the feminist site Bustle railed against Mike Huckabee, who compared taking down Confederate statues to tearing down abortion clinics "because I find them offensive." Confederate statues honor a "brutal history of violence and enslavement," and abortion clinics aren't violent or brutal...at all?

Their shocked headline was "Mike Huckabee Thinks Abortion Clinics Are Just as Offensive as Confederate Flags."

HUCKABEE: Look, I'm okay if we want to go through the process of public meetings and city officials taking the statues down. What we can't do, is have anarchists go tear down the statues because they're impatient with politicians doing it," Huckabee told America's Newsroom host Bill Hemmer on Thursday. "That's not acceptable behavior, that's vandalism, it's anarchy, and it would be like me saying I don't like abortion clinics -- so I'm just going to go tear them down because I find them offensive. Nobody would justify that, including me, that's what I think we're coming to. It's not a matter of reinterpreting our history, it's a matter of having a select group of people tear something down because it offends them personally."

Bronwyn cannot believe anyone would compare enslaving a human to....aborting a human:

On a basic level -- comparing health care clinics to the statues of Generals who owned slaves, fought for the right to own slaves, and believed that human beings should be owned, is a false equivalence right off the bat.

Perhaps, if there were statues of Planned Parenthood founders, Huckabee could draw a parallel, rather than comparing vandalism to destroying an institution that provides health care to nearly 5 million women, men and children every year....

Needless to say, this isn't a matter of comparing apples and oranges, but the comparison between glorifying a brutal history of violence and enslavement and an overly politicized health care provider.

Anti-choice people forced to pass Planned Parenthood clinics on their commute aren't forced to stare into the wistful eyes of a monument extolling a 400 + year history of oppression, rape, genocide and racism.

It's additionally amusing to see Planned Parenthood -- a major provider not only of abortions, but campaign contributions to Democratic candidates -- described as "overly politicized," as if they wouldn't be political unless conservatives forced that on them.