WashPost Gossip Who Puffs Obamas Rips Into Mnuchin's Gauche '1-Percenter' Fiancee

On Thursday, Washington Post gossip Emily Heil grew downright catty in attacking Louise Linton, the fiancee of multi-millionaire Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin:

Maybe we are blinded by all the multi-carated bling, but are we reading this right? The soon-to-be wife of a humble public servant offers 1-percenter quotes that would ordinarily make a pol's PR machine wince.

"You never really own a diamond," she says of the rocks in a vintage pair of earrings. "You just get to keep it for a while before it begins a new journey with someone else." Of a pair of drop-style earrings: "I love how easy pearls are to wear with anything and everything."

And there are stories about how she came to acquire some of the jewels, many of which were gifts from her fiance, a former Goldman Sachs exec. "These small Asscher cut studs were a Valentine's gift a few years ago," she says of a pair of icy earrings. "We took our dogs to a little ranch hotel in California for the weekend. The earrings always remind me of that trip."

....Perhaps the pearl-clutching (sorry) over such wealth-flaunting by public officials is outdated. After all, this is the Trump administration, where diamonds can be a third wife's best friend.

That's clearly a Melania reference...online it links to an earlier Melania gossip item. Linton comes from Scotland.

The Post gossips wouldn't adopt this tone when they write about the Obamas. They wouldn't mention their reported $65 million book deal as they wrote on May 31 about the Obamas bought a mansion in D.C. for $8.1 million. They wouldn't mention the Town & Country article ogling the nine and a half bathrooms (no One Percent jokes for socialists). No, that just made them cooler.

Why, they barely have time to sleep in their new digs as they travel the world like sybarites. 

The Obamas have called the swanky Washington neighborhood (where neighbors include Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner) their home, but it’s really functioned more like a home base for the globe-trotting family. The former first couple traveled to French Polynesia for an extended vacation after leaving the White House and also vacationed in Tuscany.

Gossips like Emily Heil usually quote Town & Country magazine when it helps liberals. From May 10, 2016, there's her article "Matt Damon likes Clinton's stance on the 'unsexy' issue he cares most about."

The A-list actor explained his backing of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton in an interview with Town & Country magazine that focused on his philanthropic efforts to bring safe drinking water to people around the globe. "He feels she's qualified for a lot of reasons," the mag reports. But Damon, who has also said he likes Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination, is particularly into the former SecState's stance on the matter he cares about most. "Just on this issue of water and sanitation: She understands it from a number of different angles - as a national security issue, as a human rights issue and, obviously, its impact on women and girls," Damon says.


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