MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Let's Recruit French President Emmanuel Macron 'To Rule Two Countries'

June 4th, 2017 8:50 AM

Justin Baragona at Mediaite reported a strange end to a segment on Saturday's AM Joy show on MSNBC. Host Joy Reid rooted for French president Emmanuel Macron to take over the presidency of the United States. In one of several mournful segments on how the Democrats will beat Donald Trump the next time, in 2020, the panel began by evaluating whether Sen Elizabeth Warren would be "viable," and former DNC chairman Howard Dean insisted the Democrats should run someone younger, between 40 and 55. 

Dean insisted "I've done a lot of thinking about whether our best candidate is a candidate of color, as Obama was, because Obama so excited this young generation of Americans that I call First Globals, who really believe that they are a multicultural generation, and Barack Obama was the first multicultural president."

Then Reid got seriously multicultural as she wound Dean down: “We gotta go! Or we could just get [French President] Emmanuel Macron to rule two countries.”  

“I’m in for that,” failed congressional candidate and failed MSNBC host Krystal Ball said as the panel laughed.

“Macron! Macron!” Reid cheered, moving her hands, as she moved to the ad break. 

Then she promised "Next up: the rise of hate!" She didn't mean MSNBC's hatred of Trump, a hatred so intense they would like France to rule the United States.

This is not the first burst of Macron enthusiam at NBC/MSNBC. Chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel greeted Macron's election over populist-nationalist Marine LePen as "once again...Europe has been saved," just as it was saved from Hitler at the end of World War II.