NPR's Rage Rerun: Black Author Rants Trump Win Means America 'Can't Stand Black People'

January 20th, 2017 9:44 PM

Taxpayer-subsidized National Public Radio decided to greet the morning of Trump’s inauguration in the same way that it greeted the day after Trump’s surprising victory. They sought out black rage…in the person of author Attica Locke, who also writes for the Fox drama Empire. After the election, she refused to consider the notion that any Trump voter wasn't a racist.

On Friday, she came to say this day marked “how much this country can’t stand black people,” and “doesn’t want Muslims here,” and “did not want a woman as leader.”

STEVE INSKEEP, HOST:  We called you up on the morning after the election. That sounded like an excruciating morning for you.

ATTICA LOCKE: It was, and I can't say that things have gotten necessarily better for me.

INSKEEP: What do you mean?

LOCKE: I wake up every day and think, this is how much this country can't stand black people that this has happened. Or I think, this is how much this country did not want a woman as a leader. This is how much this country doesn't want Muslims here. This is how much this country can't stand immigrants. And though I know this to not be literally true, that it's not that simple, emotionally, I feel a sense of rejection of what Obama's presidency represented.

"Not that simple"? This might be progress by the rage-a-holic. Steve Inskeep asked just how Locke was going to offer resistance to this emotionally apparent Trump phenomenon of hatred of women, blacks, and Muslims:

INSKEEP: How do you plan to spend the next few years, politically, I mean? You've got a job but do you intend to engage yourself in some way that you weren't engaged before?

LOCKE: Yes, I mean, I think that there will be infinitely more interactions, be it correspondence or phone calls, with my locally elected officials than I've ever engaged in before. I think that I will - my husband said this is the year we're going to get arrested.

INSKEEP: Was that a New Year's resolution, we're going to go out and get arrested at some point this year?

LOCKE: (Laughter) It almost was. And he said it very plainly and he was not kidding. And he may be right. And I'm OK with that. But I'm also going to continue to be frank because there's too much obfuscation in the media - that we're not calling a lie a lie, that we're not calling racism racism. The concept of objective truth is now maybe up in the air. And so I'm going to keep saying the truth as I know it over and over and over again.

Locke thinks she is the voice of “objective truth”….as she says Trump’s election somehow means “the destruction of American democracy.” It’s her pinned tweet on her Twitter page:

This was Locke’s racialized slogan for Inauguration Day: