Team Hillary Still Pushing Comedy Central Show's Slack-Jawed Gushing Over Her

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account The Briefing 2016 is still milking the Comedy Central episode of Broad City that promoted her as a twinkly, winking political rock star. “What was it like to be on set with @HillaryClinton? Broad City's director tells all.”

Molly Eichel at promoted Philadelphia native and director Todd Biermann, who explain how he and Amy Poehler loved every minute of this hourlong shoot:

Biermann and the cast and crew only had Clinton for an hour. "Our plan was to walk her through rehearsal and have her watch the monitors with me. Amy Poehler, a producer on the show, and was there that day, and she played Hillary for so many years. Instead of a stand-in, Amy jumped in and played the rehearsal scene with Hillary watching. She started to laugh hysterically and that's when I knew it was going to be fun," Biermann said. "She was slightly nervous in a normal person sort of way. She had fun with it."

Sitting next to Hillary Clinton while Amy Poehler plays her stand in was "surreal." "It certainly was amazing. I've got a six year old daughter, who we intend grow into a smart independent intelligent woman and my wife [actress Andrea Roth] is smart independent intelligent woman," Biermann said. "To be surrounded by all these smart independent intelligent women was inspiring. Abbi and Ilana and Amy and Hillary all playing in that sandbox was quite an experience."

That’s funny. Abbi and Ilana as characters aren’t particularly intelligent. But playing idiots for Hillary on TV was clearly a career highlight for them.

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