'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane Endorses Bernie Sanders and Socialism

October 15th, 2015 11:32 PM

Socialist Bernie Sanders traveled to Hollywood for several fundraisers, including a small-dollar event for hundreds at the Avalon nightclub, where Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane endorsed Sanders for President.

MacFarlane said that he was particularly impressed by a response that Sanders gave at Tuesday night’s debate. Asked what was the country’s greatest national security threat, Sanders answered climate change:

I wanna tell you the moment when, for me, Bernie Sanders won last night’s debate. The question was asked: What is the greatest national security threat to the United States?...Senator Sanders was the only candidate on that stage who gave the correct answer: climate change. Of all our biggest challenges, from social inequality to healthcare, this one is the one that must go immediately to the front of the line.  Because it’s the only one with a non-negotiable timetable. He’s the only candidate on either side who truly seems to grasp the magnitude of the catastrophe. You can hear it in his voice when he talks on the subject.

“While it would be way funnier if Trump won, it would be far better for the health of the country if Bernie Sanders was the next president,” MacFarlane said. He insisted that despite the fact that he loves fancy living and dropping $6,000 on an Amazon.com order, “it seems like some judiciously and intelligently applied democratic socialism is a good thing.”

For example, MacFarlane insisted that there must be “100 percent divestment from oil and gas, and the transition to wind, solar, and other renewables.”

Variety reported:

Later on Wednesday evening, Sanders attended another fundraiser at the Beverly Hills home of Syd and Linda Leibovitch, with tickets starting at $250. About 300 people attended, raising about $150,000, according to a pool report. This was only Sanders’ ninth traditional fundraiser, and only the third held in a private home, with the bulk being raised online.

With valet parking, wine and cocktails served and the rock band America playing in the backyard, Sanders joked about the “proletariat” home.

“The truth is there are many people in this country who have money but also believe in social justice,” he said.