ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars' Tells a Story of Finding Faith

We’ve reported several mysterious media aversions to the mention of God in the last few days, so we should note the opposite. On ABC’s Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, a couple danced to “Amazing Grace.” Boy-band member Carlos PenaVega of the group Big Time Rush testified about finding God and his wife Alexa in one week’s time.

After the excitement of a big tour ended, he felt down. “I started smoking weed like...every day, I was like ‘I don’t want to talk to anybody. I don’t want to see anybody.’ I really hit rock bottom."

Then he asked a friend if he could go to church with him. “I walk in to church, and I know I was supposed to be there....That Sunday to the next Sunday, my life changed forever....On Thursday, I got invited to a Bible study. And at that Bible study, I met my wife." As he teared up, he said "It’s so crazy to me that in one week, my life changed forever.”

See the segment here: 

Alexa PenaVega -- best known for starring as a teen in the Spy Kids movies -- is also dancing on the show this season.

Dancing With The Stars has courted controversy (and ratings) with both sides of the culture clash, from Bristol Palin and Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty to LGBT activism by Margaret Cho and "Chaz" Bono.


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