Arsenio Rips Rubio for Saying Obama Has No Class, Tweets His DNA Should Have Died in a Hand Towel

When Marco Rubio was on Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, he dissed Donald Trump by saying that “we already have a president now that has no class.” He was talking about Obama doing interviews with YouTube and Comedy Central. “I mean, we have a president now that does selfie-stick videos, that invites YouTube stars there, people who eat cereal out of a bathtub … he goes on comedy shows to talk about something as serious as Iran.”

On Twitter, comedian and former late-night TV host Arsenio Hall lost his marbles in anger over Obama being insulted, suggesting in a vulgar way that Rubio should have never been born:

"44 years ago you should have been left in a hotel hand towel full of jizz and Astroglide @MarcoRubio. Now THAT, was classless ... Shithead!"  If Arsenio lets a publicist write this brand-shredding stuff, it might be time for a new publicist. Social media pros have been fired for less.

Conservative Twitter responded by mocking the black comedian for opposing the idea of a Latino president. Jon Gabriel tweeted “Some people just can’t accept the possibility of a Hispanic president. #sad”

There were also a lot of wisecracks about how Arsenio hasn't been relevant since his heyday in 1990s.

PS: Late Thursday afternoon, Arsenio added a new tweet suggested God had blessed America with the gift of the Obamas:

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