Huff-Po's Reporter In Ferguson Asks on Twitter If Earplugs Are Rubber Bullets

Via Truth Revolt, we learned Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, one of the reporters who were arrested without cause at a McDonald's in Ferguson, Missouri, made a fool of himself on Twitter by suggesting -- non-humorously -- that ear plugs were rubber bullets. Somehow, he didn't try Wikipedia before tweeting.

Police have used rubber bullets in Ferguson against protesters. On Twitter, Katie Pavlich brought the factual pain:

Reilly had to reply: "I retract that suggestion. They are earplugs. Apologies." My friend Cameron Gray over at NRA News also had some fun with Reilly:

Apparently, The Huffington Post isn't big on reporters with criminal-justice expertise. His bio reads: "Ryan J. Reilly is a D.C.-based reporter who covers the Justice Department and the Supreme Court for The Huffington Post. He has covered federal law enforcement and legal news since 2009, previously reporting for Talking Points Memo and"

Huffington Post Ryan Reilly
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