On Bravo, Rachel Maddow Compares Appearing on 'The View' to a 'Pig Sty'

July 13th, 2014 9:05 AM

Via Breitbart, we learned that on Tuesday night’s “Watch What Happens Live” talk show on Bravo, host Andy Cohen and co-guest Nicole Richie enjoyed it when MSNBC star Rachel Maddow compared ABC’s "The View" to...a pig sty.

It came in a viewer question Cohen relayed asking for Maddow’s thoughts about Rosie O’Donnell returning to The View and “Would that have been a forum that you would have ever been interested in?”

"I went on 'The View' once," Maddow said (air date: March 5, 2009). "I went on once and it was like, I felt like if you imagine life as a barnyard -- I felt like I was a chicken and I ended up in the pig sty, like I felt like something's wrong here. Nobody knew how to deal with each other, nobody knew what to say. Or maybe I was a pig and ended up in the chicken coop. There was something wrong.”

After Cohen and Richie agreed they were loving this whole barnyard analogy, Maddow tried to explain the format made her insecure: “I don’t know how those dynamics are supposed to work...I find it a weird environment. There isn’t another environment in which there are five people who all know each other and are all talking to each other, and then they’re all looking at you and expecting you to say a thing. I don’t have a thing to say.” 

Maddow refused to touch the Rosie subject when Cohen re-asked, just saying the show is “in transition.”

Before that viewer Q&A, Cohen asked Maddow who was her favorite Khardashian, and she gave the joke answer, “Yes.”

Cohen also asked them to judge the fashion of famous political leaders. Shown an unflattering full-body picture of Hillary in a pantsuit, Nicole Richie -- famous for being a co-airhead with Paris Hilton on Fox's show "The Simple Life" --  jumped to Hillary’s defense: “She – listen to me! She’s always fashion. Hillary wins every single time. I don’t care. She does.”

Obama might beg to differ.

Asked about Fidel Castro’s track suit, Richie said it was “very baller” like the rapper Lil Jon. Maddow said “I’m against this.” When they showed Vladimir Putin topless on a horse, Maddow said “I would pick him up in a lesbian bar.” But when they showed Obama in jeans, Maddow passed, implying she wasn’t a fashion plate. (No Obama jokes allowed in MSNBC-land.)