'Comedian' Mocks the Most American Thing: 'If We Could Deep Fry Ted Nugent'

July 5th, 2014 3:46 PM

On the front page of Saturday’s Style section of The Washington Post came an article promoting up-and-coming comedian Dan St. Germain. This being Independence Day weekend, St. Germain and Post writer Jessica Contrera made fun of America and patriots...”in the spirit of patriotism.”

This included the apparently hilarious thought of deep-frying rock star Ted Nugent and biting into him:

WASHPOST: Who is the most American American you know?

St. GERMAIN: If you wrap a drone with an American flag. No wait. If we could* deep fry Ted Nugent, that would be the most American thing ever. You would get diabetes biting into him.

The asterisk marks where the Post cleverly stopped the article to say “Continued on C3.”

Online, but not in the paper, this was the first question:

WASHPOST: Are you an American, Dan St. Germain?

St. GERMAIN: This feels like the McCarthy hearings.

Since Nugent was in the deep fryer, the comedian stuck to the anti-gun vibe:

WASHPOST: What’s the most American thing you’ve ever done?

St. GERMAIN: I shot some guns with my friend in New Jersey. He’s a Democrat but he bought a bunch of guns because he thought Obama was going to take them away. I don’t understand his rationale there. I don’t know if you’ve ever shot a shot gun, but ... I still believe in background checks. This is not a political statement.

Also I think that being a little racist is American. Not a lot, okay. Not like India-caste-system-a-lot. But just a little racist, you know, like everyone hates each other.

Also seeing "Transformers" before reading the book. That’s American.

Apparently, it’s also funny that when asked “What song gets you pumped up about America?” St. Germain jokes “Mambo No. 5,” released by the one-hit wonder Lou Bega in 1999.