Diane Sawyer's Political Views a Mystery? She Claims Even Her Husband Doesn't Know Her Biases

ABC “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer gave an interview to Ladies’ Home Journal magazine and drew this silly question, like she was completely objective on TV: “Do you let your own politics be known when you’re behind closed doors?” How naive do they think America's women are?

Sawyer replied: “My husband has said even he doesn't know my politics. In the nonromantic-compliment category, that's a good one.” In the same interview, Sawyer proclaimed she could never be as enthusiastic as that energetic Bill Clinton. She was asked about retirement rumors:

I would be delusional not to think that at some point I will want to step down. And I'm sure there will come a time when people will say, "Her? Again? Still?" But right now my job is giving me the opportunity to wake up in the morning and say, "What if we...?" "Why don't we...?" "Look at this!" or "Somebody's got to do something!"

Sometimes at the end of the day I'm so excited, I'm sure that I'm bionic. Of course, other days, I'm just spent. I'll be incapable of saying anything to anyone I see on the elevator [laughs]. We can't all be like Bill Clinton, where every conversation you have gives you helium and you can keep going until 3 in the morning. Not all of us get to be that way.

When asked what her late father would think of her now, at 68, she suggested that maybe the viewers have figured out her politics: “I think he would be terribly amused that I'm still at it -- though probably concerned because he was so Republican. I can only imagine the calls I would've gotten.”

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