MTV Lists Why Miley Cyrus Deserved 'Person of the Year' Prize

No one has appreciated, encouraged, perhaps even plotted Miley Cyrus making a clown out of herself more than MTV. So they posted this little Thank You card on their Buzzworthy blog when it was reported that she was beat at the last minute in Time’s “Person of the Year” polling by two Middle Eastern politicians. (This poll has zero integrity.)

MTV's Rachel Brodsky oozed that the former Disney Channel child star's third-place finish was “something to be VERY, very proud of, but... but... SHE DESERVED IT SO MUCH....Needless to say, we were really, really pulling for Miley. But such is life! She'll always be OUR Person Of The Year!” So they made a list of all the reasons she deserved it, mostly for acting out:

1.) After the VMAs, EVERYBODY from your cube-mate to your local barista asked, "What's twerking?"

2.) Miley just looooves to push people's boundaries. We respect that!

3.) Have you SEEN all the "Wrecking Ball" video parodies?? [Image: naked man on wrecking ball]

4.) Four words: Joint. At. The EMA. (Remember that thing I said about pushing boundaries?)

5.) Because Miley DGAF [Don’t give a f—]. About anything.

6.) And yet she (t)works INCREDIBLY hard. Like, REALLY, REALLY hard.

7.) Miley is the only person who could look flawless in an elegant ball gown, or... a nude-colored spandex bikini. *Cringe*

8.) Dare I say "The Miley Tongue" is the new duckface? Why, yes, I do dare!

9.) In conclusion, Miley is everywhere. You can't escape her. And we don't want to.

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