NBC Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates Cross-Dressing and Gender 'Choice' In Broadway Show

The Huffington Post liked how “right-wingers across America” disapproved of NBC putting part of the Broadway show “Kinky Boots” in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Matt Lauer described it as a “fun show that tells the story of a struggling shoe factory owner who pairs up with an outrageous cabaret performer and together, not only do they save the business, but they learn to celebrate the differences in each other.”

The stars addressed a song to “Ladies, gentlemen, and those yet to make up their minds.” They sang let “pride be your guide” and “you change the world when you change your mind.”

Parents had to suddenly explain what a “drag queen” was and why there was a man standing in red thigh-high boots, boxer shorts and the top of a business suit. The show was created by gay playwright Harvey Fierstein and “rock icon” Cindy Lauper (to use Lauer’s term). The production won six Tony awards.

Every once-traditional family television show is getting transformed into another opportunity for gay-pride evangelism, especially if it’s run out of Manhattan by NBC Universal.

Huff-Po described it this way: "Although the show's message is of acceptance and tolerance and the performance was relatively tame (honestly, it was way too cold to show very much skin!), right wingers across America took to social networks to voice their outrage at NBC for broadcasting it." They replayed several unhappy tweets:

-- "Now I have to explain 'Kinky Boots' to my kids. Thanks, Macy's."

-- "I'm no prude but Kinky Boots is part of the parade? That made for some awkward learning experiences for kids today."

-- "After watching most of #MacysThanksgivingDayParade, I realized how much our country has declined. 'Kinky Boots' disgusting and wrong!"

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