New York Times Runs Photo of Anti-ObamaCare Protest, But Only Quotes Dumb-sounding Signs

September 11th, 2013 10:31 PM

The New York Times published a large color picture of a “defund Obamacare” rally on Capitol Hill on page A-12 of Wednesday’s paper. The headline was “G.O.P. Eyes Hard Line Against Health Care Law.” There is no such thing as a “hard line” in favor of Obamacare.

Sadly, the Jackie Calmes story below the picture saved any mention of the conservative rally until paragraph 13, where she briefly singled out protesters with bad spelling who favored impeachment and compared Obama to Hitler and Stalin:

Outside the Capitol, Tea Party supporters protested the health insurance law and called for Mr. Obama’s impeachment. One sign pictured the president alongside Hitler and Stalin with the words “Abort Obumacare!” and “Impeach the Liar!”

Is this the way Calmes would cover a liberal protest? Hardly. But this was better than Lori Montgomery of The Washington Post, who wrote a whole story on the GOP divide on Obamacare funding without ever mentioning the rally on Capitol Hill.

The Post did publish a protester picture on Wednesday – highlighting the leftists at Code Pink. There was no ideological label, only the note in the caption that “The organization opposes militarism in general.”