Daily Kos Urges War at Home -- With Wall Street and Gun Sellers

Egberto Willies at the Daily Kos is one of those reliable radicals that’s really upset with war in Syria, lamenting this is “something the John Kerry of 1971 would never advocate for” and “The only winners are the military industrial complex and a corporatocracy dependent on cheap oil.”

Then it took a weird turn. “America must go to war alright,” Egberto declared, but with the war profiteers, and gun sellers, and the financial sector on Wall Street:

America must go to war alright. America must go to war with those who are pushing war with Syria. America must go to war with those that profit from war. America must go to war with those selling guns and allowing the indiscriminate sale of guns to terrorists and criminals both abroad and domestically.

America must go to war with a financial sector that continues to strive by pilfering the working middle class through instruments of mass financial destruction like reverse mortgages, predatory interest rates, high frequency trading, credit default swaps, etc. America must go to war with corporations that unpatriotically export American jobs yet expect the American taxpayers to keep a strong and oversized military to keep sea lanes open and foreign countries fairly safe and accountable for their capital. America must go to war at home to clean up urban blight. America must go to war at home on poverty and unemployment.

A war on poverty? Wow, does the Daily Kos think this is a new metaphor? How has the War on Poverty turned out? Did the poor vanish after trillions of dollars in welfare spending and “urban renewal”? This is the same old unpatriotic Left with the goal of making any “war on foreign soil difficult or impossible.”

Over the years it has always been easy to go to war on foreign soil by scaring Americans about the consequence of inaction. In the process billions were made by the war profiteers on the backs of the American taxpayer. It is time to make war on foreign soil difficult or impossible as war on what ails America at home is made east, imperative and profitable for the working middle class.

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