Limbaugh Team Joins Levin In Being Annoyed With Grover Norquist's Debate Moderator Diss

First Mark Levin mocked Grover Norquist for his declaration that having  Levin or Rush Limbaugh moderate a Republican presidential debate would be “not useful”  in The Hill newspaper. Talk radio hosts, he said, are primarily entertainers who would draw attention away from the candidates themselves.

Now Kerry Picket at Breitbart News says Limbaugh's team isn't happy with Grover either, and mentioned Grover didn't find Limbaugh so distasteful that he wouldn't promote it when his group Americans for Tax Reform was discussed on Rush's show:

Someone close to the Limbaugh camp spoke to Breitbart News. "It's ironic that when everyone was jumping on the bash Grover bandwagon, Rush  never said a word. He has too much class." The source also noted that in the past Norquist has used Rush's quotes on the ATR website to fundraise and promote his cause of the moment.

"Some friend, huh."

...Limbaugh said on his radio show, "I don’t see how I can [moderate], I’m too famous." However, Limbaugh noted the debate would certainly get high ratings.

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