Kevin Spacey Joked Romney Was Murderous, But Now Obama Is a Historic Giant

A year ago, co-host Matt Lauer quoted actor Kevin Spacey's description of his new role in the political drama “House of Cards,” playing "a wily, murderous politician worming his way to the White House." Spacey mocked Mitt Romney in response: "Kind of like this year, isn't it?"

Now, the liberal thespian insists to that Barack Obama will go down in history for passing Earth-shattering legislation (that must include Obamacare) despite knee-jerk Republicans:

“President Obama will go down as having passed some of the most historic bills in the history of this country,” he insists. “That despite constant knee-jerk opposition from the Republicans. A lot of people don’t realise how much he’s done in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Spacey cracked his show "may be interesting for an American audience that’s sat through the most non-productive Congress in the history of the United States, in terms of bills passed, to watch a fictional show where some bills actually get passed.”

He is quite a fan of recent liberal Democratic presidents and legislators:

“I started working on my first presidential campaign when Jimmy Carter ran for president in 1976 and I was in high school. And over the course of many years, I worked for other candidates in various races and ultimately became very close with former President Clinton,” he said. “I also knew Teddy Kennedy and Pat Moynihan and there are a whole number of remarkable and important politicians that I’ve managed to find myself in the same room with on many occasions.”

In recent years, Spacey has played Al Gore aide Ron Klain in HBO's slanted campaign-2000 film "Recount" and disgraced conservative lobbyist Jack Abramoff in "Casino Jack."

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