Mike Malloy Yells at Pat Robertson to Die: 'Go Home, Go Home to Jesus!'

The Huffington Post Religion page dug out the latest clip from televangelist Pat Robertson on The 700 Club. Liberals never get enough. Robertson proclaimed “from a prophetic standpoint, every time the United States gets involved in some kind of a pressure on Israel to split their land, there’s some natural disaster that happens here in America."

From his foam-flecked radio studio on Thursday, leftist radio host Mike Malloy repeatedly demanded Robertson die and go home to Jesus:

MALLOY: This bastard is just sick! Pat, go home - go - go to Jesus! PLEASE Pat! Go to your final reward! He's waiting for you! Jesus and God and all the angels Pat! You tease you! Oh you dirty rotten tease you! You know Jesus wants you to come home and - and enter the bosom of the Lord! But you won't go! Pat please! Please! They're waiting for you!

...Pat Robertson, one of the worst Christ hustlers in the history of this silly, stupid, destructive religion! Pat, go home! God wants you. God needs you. Please, Pat! Please, Pat, go home!

Earlier in the show, Malloy raged against the suggestion that God will forgive George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin in a fight: “It's God's will that Zimmerman lock and load and go find a black boy and shoot him dead that night! That's God's will, see? If Zimmerman winds up in a very very awkward and messy situation that'll be God's will too, right?”

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