'Objective' NPR Reporter To Appear at Dan Savage Book Event in Seattle

NPR is lending its imprimatur to one of America's nastiest leftists -- Dan Savage. The sex columnist and author boasted online:

"Ari Shapiro, NPR's White House Correspondent, will be interviewing me about my new book this Sunday night at 7 PM at Town Hall in Seattle. We'll wind up talking about more than just American Savage—I have some questions for Ari about covering the Romney campaign for NPR—and it's sure to be an interesting conversation." Is Shapiro being paid, or is he appearing free of charge because he's a big Dan Savage fan?

Tickets for the event are $10. A small number of VIP tickets are still available. Savage reports "The $50 VIP ticket includes reserved seating and a pre-show reception where you can meet and talk with me and with Ari." 

A month ago, Savage was more leering toward the openly gay NPR reporter (both Savage and Shapiro are gay-married).

I'm going to ask Ari questions about what it was like to fly all over the country on Mitt Romney's campaign plane and if the rumors about the Romney boys are true and why there are no pictures of Ari in leather on his Instagram account.

Since this event is taking place the weekend of Pride—the night before the parade—Ari has agreed to interview me while wearing nothing but a lime green thong.

Shapiro’s more often moonlighting as a singer with the hip-like-NPR band Pink Martini. Shapiro quoted Savage at the end of a story recounting President Obama's support for the gay agenda in his second inaugural speech:

ARI SHAPIRO: Dan Savage, who created the It Gets Better movement against gay bullying, says he was flabbergasted, delighted and shocked by the moment. He says gay people are used to a perfunctory nod in speeches by Democrats.

DAN SAVAGE: But then to be included in an inaugural address in that way and that explicitly and to have our story woven into the story of all struggles in the last 100 years for freedom and equality, literally I'm speechless, like I just keep arriving at this place where I just want to, like, put my head on my desk and have a sob.

SHAPIRO: President Obama spoke those lines yesterday in front of the justices of the Supreme Court. They have two big same-sex marriage cases this term. So ultimately, the fate of gay rights this year may rest more in their hands than in those of the president.

PS: Savage was offering his usual harsh opinions of conservative Republicans in an interview with the blog Fishbowl DC:

Take a field trip back in time with Savage. No, he has no regrets about licking doorknobs on Gary Bauer‘s presidential campaign, where he volunteered purposely to give Bauer his flu. Incensed by Bauer’s anti-gay beliefs, Savage did what he could to make the presidential hopeful sick, including licking a pen and giving it to him. Savage says in this post-911 age there’s no way he could get away with that. But regrets? Nope. None.

Then there’s former Senator and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. What’s Savage’s thinking about him these days? As many know, the sex writer created a a raw definition for Santorum that isn’t acceptable in most media outlets or nursery schools. Shy or not, he reels it off, no problem, explaining that he can’t wait for the day when Santorum is no longer known as an ex-Senator but for being, he says, “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.”

At this point, one picks up on slices of anger in Savage’s tone. “Oh, Santorum is running for President in 2016,” Savage says, more as a warning as anything else. Like, oh, that bastard will be back.

“I think he’s horrible,” Savage continues. “I think he’s obsessed with sex.” (Coming from a sex advice columnist? That’s something.) “The role of women? He thinks they ought to be barefoot and pregnant with no access to abortion. It’s all an affront. He’s opposed to non-procreative sex. He doesn’t want anyone having orgasms.”

Savage assures he’s not a psychologist, but truly thinks there’s something to Santorum’s external way of being and thinking and his internal feelings.

Speaking of other politicians he loathes, there’s newly reelected South Carolina GOP Rep. Mark Sanford. He doesn’t just hate Sanford, though. He detests the voters who elected him back into office. “What about the voters?” he asks. “They are the family values nut jobs. It just goes to show you that straight people can do everything as long as they ask Jesus for forgiveness.”

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