Disgusting MTV: Pop Star Drinks Her Own Urine?

MTV is always crossing the boundaries of taste to build a “buzz” around their youth-oriented shows. On Tuesday night's episode of their “reality” show "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," the sleazy pop singer decided to urinate into a plastic bottle in front of her friends on a car trip and take a sip. "It was really gross," this genius concluded.

This could just a faked-for-ratings stunt. But our friends at the Parents Television Council found this was a singularly disgusting lesson of why consumers should get a choice of cable channels, so they can dump MTV and stop subsizing the pee-drinking sleaze:

“If given the opportunity, I can’t imagine that parents would want to pay for a cable network that airs an episode of a pop star drinking her own urine, and that is why Congress needs to take seriously the idea of giving consumers the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want. Most urgently, we are calling on parents and grandparents to be aware that this episode will air tonight and take appropriate measures,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“Before critics say that parents can just ‘change the channel,’ they miss the larger point. It is an outrage that this kind of disgusting, vile content is being subsidized by each and every cable subscriber. We should all have the ability to choose and pay for only the channels we want to watch, but the cable industry won’t let that happen without a fight.”

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