Daily Kos: Fox News Is a 'Clear And Present Danger to America'

You would think if Barack Obama were the centrist that liberal reporters pretend he is, he wouldn't have such a devoted following at the Daily Kos. But a man named Egberto Willies (or "progressiveliberal," to use his Kos handle) is furious that Fox News didn't join CNN and MSNBC in offering live coverage when the Israelis gave Obama a Presidential Medal of Distinction. "This should have been a patriotic moment for the country," he lectured, but Fox was too unpatriotic to show it.

This led to a rant on how "Fox News is a clear and present danger to America," an undemocratic propaganda tool of the plutocrats: 

They are no different than the propaganda engine used by dictators and the Oligarchy in the third world. It is the same tactic used to demonize Hugo Chavez and other leaders that are attempting to bring real democracy and access to success for the masses and middle class.

Fox News is mostly responsible for much of the gridlock, bad policies, citizen misinformation, and the driver of citizens that vote against their own interest. While the remainder of the mainstream media is not  as blatant in their servitude of the American Plutocracy, they also have blood on their hands.

This was a reference to the Gulf War. If the press fails to prevent a war from happening, that is apparently the same as doing all the killing yourselves.

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