On Valentine's Day, NPR Helps 'Billion' Protesters Stand Against 'Patriarchy United With Capitalism'

While most Americans were celebrating Valentine's Day, National Public Radio was celebrating the latest event by radical feminist Eve Ensler, who wrote the play The Vagina Monologues. Her event against violence against women -- and the "patriarchy" behind it -- was called "One Billion Rising."

Ensler appeared on the NPR show Talk of the Nation, where host Neal Conan asked about male violence around the world: "when you know the enormity of the problem in places like Congo and the way that violence against women is used as an instrument of war, when you read of the gang rapes, not just in India but in Ohio as well, do you wonder that this is just screaming into the wind?" Then they talked about patriarchy:

ENSLER: No I don’t feel that at all....I think what this action has made very clear to everybody is that it's a global phenomenon and it's called patriarchy. And violence is the methodology through which patriarchy keeps it -- maintains itself.

And I think not only do I feel like we're not screaming in the wind, but in the organizing for this event this year, I've already seen major changes happen, changes where, for example, in London today, in the British Parliament. A woman who was working on One Billion Rising introduced the call, OBR call into the Parliament to demand universal sex education and relationships.

As usual, the liberal host uttered not one skeptical word as Ensler claimed they could actually count a billion people in this protest event.

Ensler proclaimed: "I'm really pleased to say - I mean, we haven't finished all the events in the world because we're only really up to America now in terms of the time clock. But it's very clear we have reached a billion through the numbers that we're seeing, through not only rising for themselves but through Twitter and Facebooking."

On Friday's Morning Edition NPR reporter Julie McCarthy served as another publicist for the feminists and their war on patriachy and capitalism:

EVE ENSLER: Statistics reveal that on an average, 26,000 women are raped every other day.

McCARTHY: Eve Ensler, author of the "Vagina Monologues," is the founder of One Billion Rising. She credits widespread coverage of both the gang rape in Delhi and the Taliban shooting of the young girl in Pakistan for spurring this global outpouring to end violence against women.

Thousands danced in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the Philippines. San Francisco saw flash mobs that drew people with eye-catching outbursts of dance and theatrics. In Delhi, the campaign's Southeast Asia coordinator, Kamala Bhasin, called it a fight against hatred and patriarchy that deliberately coincided with February 14th.

KAMALA BHASIN giving speech: On this St. Valentine's Day, we are saying we don't want violence. We want love. What kind of love? Just love. Love based on justice, love based on equality, just love based on mutual respect.

McCARTHY: Bhasin said that patriarchy had united with capitalism to produce the lucrative industries of pornography and cosmetics and Barbie dolls.

Sentences like this tell you have turned too far to the left on your radio dial, where the taxpayer-subsidized public radio liberals are in full growl.

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