Watch the SOTU With Obama Fans at the House of...Jayson Blair?

Obama fans in my neck of the woods in Northern Virginia received an e-mail from the Organizing for America team inviting them to a State of the Union watch party in suburban Centreville, Virginia.

A quick Google of the Centreville address shows that there’s a famous/infamous resident of the Obama watch-party house: Jayson Blair, the disgraced former New York Times reporter.

Blair, who moved back in with his parents after the huge Times controversy ten years ago over his utterly false reports for the nation's most prestigious newspaper, now works as a life coach and advocate for people with bipolar disorders. He wrote a book about his disastrous days at the Times called Burning Down My Master's House.

His parents – Thomas and Frances Blair – are listed as the homeowners in the OFA materials, which advertised:

“Here's your chance: Folks are getting together near you this Tuesday, February 12th, to watch the speech and talk about what's next for our movement. After his speech, the President himself will be joining the conversation -- on a call with supporters like you at watch parties around the country.”

A second note came, asking again for an RSVP:

"Great news: There's a volunteer-hosted State of the Union watch party happening near you this Tuesday.  It's a chance to get together with other members of this grassroots organization in Centreville and watch President Obama speak about what we'll be working on this next year and beyond. And that's not all -- you'll join an exclusive call for supporters with President Obama right after the speech."

The notes worked: they announced "maximum attendee capacity" at the Blair house.

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