Daily Kos 'Humor': Pope Had to Resign Over Dead Hookers, Illegitimate Kids

If anyone wants to see just how vicious the Left can get as Catholics prepare for a new pope, “Troubadour” at the Daily Kos tried a “humorous” take on the top ten reasons Pope Benedict is resigning. “6.  The fifth dead hooker was the last straw for his Cardinals...5. Plays Emperor Palpatine in flashback scenes of the new Star Wars movie.”

It wouldn’t be a Kos blog without “2. Dick Cheney is calling in the debt on his soul,” followed by “1.  Penn State had an opening in the administration.” Later, he threw in “To keep his illegitimate children away from priests.” In a separate blog, the same Kosmonaut nominated George Carlin as the next pope:

“Okay, he's dead, but come on - it's not like Ratzinger was a spring chicken either.  Besides, George Carlin would bring a much-needed sense of humor and credibility to the Church.  Even as a corpse, he's funnier and more intelligent than the hierarchy is today.  All they have to do is keep the Popemobile at a low enough temperature so that he doesn't decompose too quickly.  He would be known as Pope F---you I.” [Dashes are mine.]

Now just imagine how "racist" it would be to get this vicious about Obama (and his "dead hookers.")

[HT: Cal Totenberg]

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