Gun Grabbers Picked God-Bashing Sarah Silverman to Speak Up for 'Houses of Faith'?

Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" campaign uploaded one of those liberal celebrity YouTube videos in dramatic black and white to "Demand a Plan" for new gun control laws.

But the shock sets in at about 17 seconds, where religion-trashing leftist Sarah Silverman asks "How many more houses of faith" must have a shooting tragedy. Excuse me? Sarah Silverman, who pretended to have a one-night stand with God, and then threw Him out of her bed and kneed Him in the groin? This is how it unfolded (video and transcript below):

REESE WITHERSPOON: How many more colleges?
NOT FAMOUS ENOUGH: How many more classrooms?
WILL FERRELL: How many more movie theaters?
SARAH SILVERMAN: How many more houses of faith?
AZIZ ANSARI: How many more shopping malls?
JOHN LEGEND: How many more street corners?

Couldn't they have had Silverman ask about the movie theaters or the malls instead? Which genius let her stand up for the churches? As Brent Bozell wrote in 2007:

Many are saddened by grotesque Comedy Central attempts to mock God in 735 creative ways. On the new series by "comedienne" Sarah Silverman, the audience was treated to Silverman having a one-night stand with God. When she wakes up the next morning disgusted with the deity, she tells him she has to help a friend move, and ultimately knees him in the groin when he tries to extend the relationship. People ask: What have we done to deserve gratuitous programming like this?

(Hat tip: Dan Isett)

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