Mike Malloy: Boehner Should 'Drown Himself In a Vat of Wine'

While  Speaker John Boehner has been sharply criticized from the right over the last week, it might not be as sharp or as personal as the leftists on the radio.

Try bile-spewing Mike Malloy, who claimed Boehner was drunk most of the time he's on Capitol Hill, and he should just "drown himself in a vat of wine" and "gurgle himself right into the great bar in the sky":

"Don't you think Boehner, ought to just, I don't know, go drown himself in a vat of wine, you know - he could - he could be jumping up and down with his bare feet like remember Lucy did, remember that time, Lucy episode, I love Lucy, and Boehner would fall down in it and try to drink it all and just gurgle himself right into the great bar in the sky. It's always five o'clock somewhere. Right, John?"

And he said: "Boehner of course is incapable of leading. He couldn't lead himself out of, you know, out of the nearest bar, uh, he would probably walk into the toilet and think he was uh leaving 'is this the door out? There you go! So there he is -- Boehner and the rest of these Republicans just absolutely saying no -- we want to continue the rich people having their tax breaks and not contributing their part. We have to say that because we are neofascist Republican Tea Bag freaks!"

And: "That's why this poor miserable drunk John Boehner just staggers from microphone to microphone, doesn't know which end is up and it really doesn't matter. That's why Mitch McConnell bursts out laughing - you know what that is, that's nervous laughter - because Mitch McConnell understands what he's up against now - the colored guy has whipped his ass!"

And they say leftists are anti-bullying.

That was just on November 30. Then on Monday, December 3, rinse and repeat: "You want to come to my place and get a drunk? Yeah! They just - but you know - so there's Boehner, who had a chance for a grand bargain right a year and a half ago, grand bargain - [Mike then speaks in fake slurred speech to mock Boehner's alleged alcoholism] no, I'm not going to do that - because they were not supposed to do anything that would appear as though Obama had succeeded in anything! Well, boy did that horse come back and bite you in the ass huh John and McConnell, you marble-mouthed freak, that really got you too right, eh?"

Randi Rhodes also hit Boehner on Friday: "You know why Harry Reid doesn't understand Boehner's brain? Harry Reid's a Mormon, he doesn't drink! And I've got news for you - nobody who doesn't understand pickling will understand Boehner's brain!"

On Monday, Bill Press just called him the Worst Speaker Ever: "All the talk here in Washington is still about negotiations to avoid going over the fiscal cliff and I just think it’s just time to call it out you know I’m tired of all the crap you know let’s just cut right to the chase this morning and say there’s only one person standing in the way of resolving this fiscal cliff. And it is John Boehner, who probably now has earned the title of the worst speaker certainly in our lifetime if not the worse speaker ever in the House of Representatives. I mean the guy is just a total, total loser."

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