Obama Wins One Against 'White Supremacy'?

On Monday, Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy wrote two columns in one. Half was an interview with conservative Warrenton, Virginia gun store owner Steve Clark about how white men feel about outreach to black voters.

But the other half was a screed about how somehow, the GOP campaign was racist to the bone: "Republican strategists unleashed ads aimed at whipping the party’s core constituency — aging, right-wing, non-college-educated white men — into a racial frenzy with 'dog whistle' warnings that a black 'food stamp president' was out to get them." Which ads? He didn't say.

Milloy crowed: "On Election Day, Bubba went whole hog for Republican contender Mitt Romney, only to be vanquished by a multiracial, mixed-gendered groundswell of voters. In the aftermath, the conservative white male was placed on the politically endangered species list — the crosshairs on him now."

White male conservatives are in the "crosshairs" and an "endangered species"? Is the post-Gabby Giffords line encouraging violence? But Milloy championed the loopiest claim in the column as perceptive: 

In a perceptive commentary for The Nation, William Greider wrote: “The real loser was the bitter legacy of ‘white supremacy.’ That poisonous prejudice has endured in political reality and the national culture for two centuries. It still does, though it is now cultivated most zealously only by white Southerners who took over the party of Abraham Lincoln (who surely weeps for his Grand Old Party).”

Will anyone tell these people the RNC chairman is from Wisconsin, and the nominee was from Boston?

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