NPR Stations Air Poison: Pro-GOP Women are 'Battered,' Romney's 'White Supremacist Ticket'

When conservative tax dollars support public radio stations across America, what kind of programming gets aired? One radical show is “Smiley and West,” which is distributed by Public Radio International. This weekend, PBS star Tavis Smiley was too busy, so they replaced him with Julianne Malveaux – the loud-mouthed wacko who infamously announced on the PBS show To The Contrary that someone should feed Clarence Thomas a lot of cholestrol so he dies young.

So much for civility. It was a freaky show, with Malveaux not only emitting the usual charge that the polls are only close because of racism against Obama, but that white women have “battered women syndrome” if they’re picking Romney. A guest added Romney-Ryan was a “white supremacist ticket.”

CORNEL WEST, co-host: Give us your take on where we are now, isn’t it frightening that the polls say that the election is so close given the candidates. What’s going on right now?

JULIANNE MALVEAUX: Well the underlying fact is in my opinion is racism, quite frankly. There are a lot of people looking for reasons not to vote for President Obama. If you believe in freedom and justice and you look at those two records. If you were poor who would you vote for? Obama not Romney. However, you have people who are frighteningly in favor of Romney.

Then came the issue of women:

MALVEAUX: One of the statistics that frightened me was that a number of white women after the first debate because they felt that Romney was strong and Obama was weak. So, I mean I’m out of order her, but I’m saying, do these women engage in battered women syndrome? Do you want a bully in your face? This man (Romney) who’s pushing his finger and acting like you know Robo-Man, is that what you prefer?

You know, Brother Obama did not do his best in the first debate, we know that. But how do you switch your allegiance because somebody is a bully? And I’ll tell you I had fallen before the second debate and I hit my head, but I wouldn’t go to the doctor because I had to watch the debate. So when the man said the binders of women I thought he said the bondage of women.

WEST: Oh my God, my God.

MALVEAUX: I had to watch it a second time because I’m like okay I must be tripping.

Speaking of black women tripping, they also invited on radical feminist Bell Hooks (who’s such a self-conscious rebel she likes to avoid capitalizing her name). She one-upped Malveaux. Blacks, too, have a taste for fascism and greed, even Obama:

BELL HOOKS: People are really intoxicated by greed on all levels people of all colors. So, we can’t even say it’s a white thing. We see that Obama himself, he’s totally allied himself you know with the rich. You know I have tremendous respect for Obama but when he signed the Patriot Act again, I thought you know this is part of the Fascism that's destroying the incredible democracy of our nation and how can you be a part of that? How can you take that lightly? Well greed is what makes all of that possible.

Then they discussed how somehow Romney is worse than George “Segregation Forever” Wallace:

WEST: We're in some very sad times when you really look at the level of suffering and misery and the desperation and confusion and so many people just so eager to strike out against the most vulnerable rather than to trump the most powerful.

HOOKS: Well did you think we would ever live to see a white man running on a white supremacist ticket for Presidency?

WEST: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Good God almighty! Well we saw George Wallace in 1968.

HOOKS: But this is even more overt this man you know he knows exactly what he's calling forth.

WEST: And look at the polls, its neck and neck, sister Bell.

HOOKS: Well you know Cornel I don’t like to talk about out political situation because I believe the rich are destroying the earth, and I believe that our electoral system is for the rich, and it’s hard, because as much as we might care for brother Obama, he’s part of that destruction.

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