Liberal Radio Hosts Cheer On Tough Questions From Reporters -- to Romney About Mourdock

While (national) reporters can't seem to ask President Obama a pointed question about Libya, on the Bill Press show on Friday, Press insisted the favorite Democrat story of the week (Richard Mourdock's pro-life comments on rape) has national reporters proving, according to Press, that Mitt Romney "doesn't have any courage."

Press' s producer Peter Ogburn said liberal reporter-friends of the Press show are pushing the story in Romney's face: "Our friend Sam Youngman from Reuters -- who we have the on the show as often as we can, because he’s on the road. But he was on the road yesterday. He said at a breakfast stop, me and Steve Peoples from Associated Press and Lisa Lerer from Bloomberg asked Romney repeatedly about Mourdock. He did not respond. So he was there, Sam was one of the people asking the questions, and Romney didn’t bother responding." Press said that insulted all women in America:

PRESS: This should not be complicated, right and for the fact that Mitt Romney would not say this he proves what the Republican Party’s all about. It proves what he is all about I believe. You tell me 866 55 Press. It shows that he doesn’t have any courage and it’s an insult to all American women, especially the 207,000 American women who are victims of rape in this country, which is always a violent act and usually ends up they’re getting brutalized and victimized and physically hurt as part of the rape. 207,000 women each year in this country of whom five percent ending up getting pregnant cause of that rape and Mitt Romney won’t say anything about it. Don’t tell me there’s nothing at stake in this election for the women of America.

It should be required to repeat that every time liberals mount their high horse on rape, we should see what they had to say when Juanita Broaddrick accused President Clinton of rape in 1999. None of them thought the reporters should follow him around and see if he had the courage to discuss it. Several other liberal radio hosts were on the Mourdock Trash Talk Express on Thursday.

Take Randi Rhodes:  "You know, you've got Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock -- you know, being the most known currently of the rape endorsers -- you know, rape is God's plan, you know, and only being concerned about the baby, and not being concerned about the woman or the even the crime. That, to me, is the most shocking part of this whole conversation about the raping thing. They love to talk about rape! I mean, some of them have even said women rape easy!

Footnote, please? Then there was the Stephanie Miller crew:

MILLER: Mother Jones retweet: Richard Mourdock, who said pregnancy from rape is God’s will, got five thousand dollars from Paul Ryan’s Pac. How about that? That’s the problem is it’s not just one guy; they have become the Rapey Party. Literally I mean Mitt Romney has done one ad, for that guy and he’s not going to take it down.

JIM WARD, sidekick: I think Bitch Had It Coming is in the Republican platform.

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