Bill Press: A Gay Voting for Romney Is 'Like a Chicken Voting for Colonel Sanders'

One of the most dreadful sayings in Republican-bashing politics is the idea that blacks voting for the Republicans "is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." I still remember former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts telling that story, that his father would say that. Republicans aren't for boiling humans in oil.

Bill Press broke out a new version of this smear on Monday's show on Current TV and talk radio about gays voting for Mitt Romney:

PRESS: The other night I met a gay man, happened to be a gay man who was talking about how the fact how great Romney was in the debate and he’s going to go out and support Mitt Romney and I thought you know. you’re like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

CHRIS GEIDNER, BUZZFEED: I mean there certainly are Republicans who are gay and support Mitt Romney’s candidacy.

Geidner calmly recited the "stark differences" between Romney and Obama on "LGBT" issues, much more calmly than Press. This was the same show in which Press denounced the "little cadets" at VMI who would be the backdrop for  Romney's foreign-policy speech.

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