Liberal Radio Has the DNC Song Sheet: Romney Only Won Because He's a 'Pathological Liar'

In case anyone is in doubt that Liberal Talk Radio-land can display the tendency to all hit the same talking points, many liberal hosts all hit the same post-debate theme on Thursday: Mitt Romney only won because he shamelessly lied his face off. (They find it charming when Clinton does.)

Al Sharpton was outraged, as if he never lied as he was callously spreading the Tawana Brawley racial hoax: “I think there is nothing admirable and applaud-able [?] about a man standing up 90 minutes and making his case by distortion and lies."

The Reverend added: “Mitt Romney gave a good performance of someone that would bend break and deny the truth to win a discussion. Is that now the new standard in America? Go out and win by just being the opposite of everything you’ve stood for and lie of you need to? Is that really winning?”

Randi Rhodes played psychologist, as liberals love to do: “I kept saying, how do you debate a pathological liar? How do you debate a shape shifter? What's going to happen? And I said Mitt Romney's going to stand there and he's going to call the president a liar. Which is exactly what he did last night! He literally denied his own tax plan!”

The Stephanie Miller show compared PBS star Jim Lehrer to the feckless judge in the O.J. Simpson murder trial:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Almost everything Mitt Romney said was a lie which the fact checkers had talked about today already and Jim Lehrer was like the Judge Ito in my opinion, he just let Romney I mean it’s just like its filibuster, right he just kept talking and – 

JIM WARD, sidekick: I was just watching the little excerpts of it an Obama was playing by the rules in that he didn’t respond

MILLER: Right right.

WARD: To Romney’s attacks, but Romney felt no constraints he just kept going and going and going and talking over everyone.

MILLER: Right right.

CHRIS LAVOIE, sidekick: It’s like he was the CEO of the boardroom and nobody was going to stop him from talking.

Thom Hartmann was picking up data from the Democrat-messaging site Think Progress, and added racism to the mix:

HARTMANN: How can somebody win a debate when they tell 27 lies in 38 minutes?...How could anybody in the media say that that's a win?

...Romney...called [Obama] a boy, implicitly, and a liar...Could [Romney] have understood...what that would mean to an African-American person? And then I immediately thought [that] Romney must have just misspoke, and then I got it. There was no misspeaking here. This guy has planned everything he said, and it's not just he who planned it. It's Frank Luntz and the focus groups and the strategists and the people who helped put together the whole Hannity thing [the 2007 Obama video].

Hartmann said it dawned on him during the debate that it resembled the Reagan-Carter debate in 1980, and played Reagan clips to make his case.

HARTMANN: If the next few debates go the way this one went, then President Obama will be the next Jimmy Carter, a one-term president taken down by a serial liar funded by billionaires...and that, my friends, could be the last nail in the coffin [of] the American middle class and the American Dream.

Leftists like Hartmann define socialism as the “American Dream.” It’s pretty twisted stuff.

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