Paul Ryan, Pretty Boy God Nut?

It's always rich when the Reverend Al Sharpton starts defining who's a Christian on MSNBC. On Friday's edition of Politics Nation, Sharpton brought on that theologian Ana Marie Cox and the very angry leftist Frank Schaeffer, who unleashed on right-wing "God nuts" and "pretty boy Boy Scout" Paul Ryan.

Schaeffer typically proclaimed "Let me say just something very clearly, as someone who is a Christian, there is a big difference between the God nuts that have taken over the Republican Party and now are running the show, and mainstream religious America." He touted a new movie called Hellbound that rejects the idea that most humans are headed for Hell.

SCHAEFFER: There are a lot of progressive religious people out there. There is a movie opening this week nationwide called Hell bound which looks into the God nuts and their views of the laws. And so, the paradigm you have to understand is the far Christian right divides the whole world into lost and saved, real Americans like us and everybody else. And they apply this to politics.

So, when Ryan gets in front of them, he talks in coded messages that says, hey listen, guys, wink, wink, nod, nod, I can't say this stuff right now to you because it will get our campaign in trouble. But, you know, I`m on your side, and of course, it all falls apart when you play it back because you can't get away with two-timing these issues.

SHARPTON: And I think it`s important, Frank, we point out that it's not that Christians and our ministers don't have firm beliefs, but we also have tolerance in what they are doing is intolerant and hateful in many ways.

SCHAEFFER: Well, Ryan has turned the Christian message on its head. His truth says, Ayn Rand, and he believes in a scorched earth policy where people who don`t make it economically are the dirt under your finger nails and you basically just have to put up with them because you need drones and laborers and that`s Ayn Rand`s view of the world. And that the rich are somehow superheroes like him who are supposed to be worship.

But you know, his pretty boy  Boy Scout all-American rubric is going to fall apart here because when his base, these Christian conservatives really look at what he believes about Ayn Rand who is a Christ hater and an anti-Christian person to their core, or when they look at Mitt Romney and realize his lack of patriotism and being willing to feed the flames of worldwide revolt against the United States interests because of this stupid 14-minute clip that got put on YouTube, you know, these guys are playing a very dirty game.

Romney is a liar and believes nothing and if I could put it this way, he believes nothing and his running mate believes too many things. Ayn Rand, Jesus, you know, scorched-earth economic policies, he's the real thing. We have a weird combo here.

PS: Schaeffer will help open Hellbound

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