Randi Rhodes: Bushies, Conservative Talk Radio Want to 'Piss Away' Arab Democracy

In the Bush years, leftists taunted the dreaded "neocons" in the White House for their arrogant attempts to impose democracy on countries that did not want The American Way. Now, with Obama in the crosshairs, suddenly it’s the conservatives who don’t want democracy? On her talk show Thursday, leftist Randi Rhodes insisted, “let's not lose sight of where we can actually hope to see democracy and not piss it away, because conservative talk radio has decided that they want to piss it away!”
Bush and Cheney only liked Arab dictators: “But these closed little dictatorships, the Saudi government which -- George Herbert Walker Bush - George Bush himself, Cheney - they love societies like that! They're the ones that actually make out with those dictators! They've never met a dictator they didn't love!” Republicans don’t like people:

RHODES: You have Republicans who never trusted the people - they don't like people, they don't trust people, they trust corporations. You get that, right - They trust money. They trust the Saudis because the Saudis are rich. The Saudis have oil. The Saudis have banking.

Later, she repeated about Republicans: “They don't like people. They don't believe in democracy. They never have, they never will.”

On her website, Rhodes joked, “Romney adviser Richard Williamson said that the attack on our consulate in Libya would not have taken place  if Mitt Romney were president. No, if Mitt Romney were president, our diplomats would already have been chased out of most countries across the globe. And I include Great Britain in that. They’re still pissed about Mitt’s Olympics comments.”

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