MSNBC's Alex Wagner On DNC Speeches: If Anyone Can 'Be The Tentpole Here,' It's Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton just turned 66, so perhaps it might seem a bit dated to still find it amusing when feminist TV pundits  stumble into sexual double entendres for the intern-exploiting president.

But that's what happened on Now With Alex Wagner on Wednesday. When Time columnist Joel Stein suggested the Democrats might not be able to offer better speeches than Tuesday's slate, Wagner replied if anyone can "sort of be the tentpole here," it's Slick Willie:


WAGNER: Certainly there was a level of speechmaking, a level of enthusiasm, and real passion – not just for you know, the Democratic Party, but for the president and his policies. Deval Patrick, I think to a lot of folks’ minds, stole the show, came out of the gate with an incredibly strong speech, and that sound we just played, a call to arms to his fellow Democrats. What was it like for you?

STEIN: Yeah, there was a lot of excitement last night. I thought Kal Penn was really good, and people mentioned specific things that affected specific people. Yeah, I don’t think they can keep this up. Well, they only have three days, right? Still, I don’t think they can keep this up for all three days.

WAGNER: It’s inevitably – well, you have Bill Clinton tonight, so if there’s anybody who can sort of be the tentpole here, it is certainly the former president.

STEIN: And it’s Bill Clinton being forced to speak in less than three and a half hours, so it’s going to be the good Bill Clinton.

[Hat tip: Tom J.]

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