Leftist Radio Host Mike Malloy Agrees With Chalian That Republicans Can Party While Blacks Drown

The David Chalian Thesis -- that Republicans can easily party while black people drown -- has been endorsed now not only by the Daily Kos, but by leftist radio host Mike Malloy. On Wednesday night's show, he proclaimed: "You see how that works see how that works? You know in your gut, if you're a normal person, you know that what Chalian said was abso-goddamn-lutely true! You know it was true!

Malloy added: "Except happy might have been the right word, um impervious may have been a better word. Uh, didn't give a damn might have been a better phrase that people were drowning, black people were drowning while these Caucasian freaks are having their enormous circle-jerk in Tampa."

He insisted "This is exactly what happened the first time with Hurricane Katrina - nobody gave a goddamn, nobody cared. There's no - there were no white people in the entire government under the Bush Crime family who did a thing."

Over at his current perch at Reuters, longtime Slate media writer Jack Shafer didn’t endorse the Chalian thesis, but thinks Yahoo’s sudden firing was wrong. Shafer then uncorked this chilling claim:

Whatever a quip like "have a party with black people drowning" is, it's not a joke. I suspect that the remarks conform closely to Chalian's view of the Romneys as a callous couple and accurately represent the direction he hoped his guest would take. As newsroom denunciations go, it was pretty mild. I've heard much worse from reporters and editors in my time.

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