Orwell Calling: Roseanne Running for President on the 'Peace and Freedom Party' Line?

Fresh from her "hate tweets" saying Chick-fil-A eaters deserve a premature death from cancer, Roseanne Barr is revving up her presidential ambitions again. Fox News reports "Roseanne Barr is joining up with activist Cindy Sheehan for a new run at the White House."

Roseanne's presidential website now actively advocates her campaign for the "Peace and Freedom Party," which  "is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality."

Fox News has learned that over the past few days Barr asked Sheehan to join her in an attempt to win the little-known Peace and Freedom Party's line on the California ballot. 

A party official told Fox News that Barr, who failed in her attempt earlier this year to win the Green Party nomination, has a "fairly high chance" of securing the spot after she again reached out to Peace and Freedom leaders several weeks ago. This was something her campaign explored months ago, but Green Party rules forbid crossover nominees so Barr abandoned that effort.

Now that the Green Party process has played out, Barr renewed her interest with the Peace and Freedom folks and was told she needed a running mate.  Several days ago Cindy Sheehan, a party member who gained notoriety for her opposition to the Iraq war, agreed to join Barr.

Sheehan will speak Friday night on behalf of the ticket at the party's nomination convention. Barr will speak Saturday shortly before party leaders vote on their nominee. 

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