Back-Scratching Newsweek Honors Its Own Writers as 'Digital Disruptors'

Perhaps only Tina Brown's Newsweek would be shameless enough to offer a cover story (in a double issue, no less) on "100 Most Powerful Digital Disruptors" and then plug their own writers. In the "Opinionists" category, Newsweek gave a "Lifetime" honor to Andrew Sullivan, who's written several glowing Obama cover stories this year, most recently the rainbow-halo tribute. 

"His insightful, feisty, and voluminous blog on the Daily Beast is a beacon for readers sick of the same old Washington dogmas," they advertised. As in old dogmas like Sarah Palin gave birth to her own son?

In the same category at number 10 was David Frum of the Daily Beast. "Our own conservative columnist sets himself apart from the talking-point herd with his critique of the GOP."

Then the reader discovers the "panelists" picking the winners included Frum, Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, David Weigel, and Dana Loesch. We're told "Panelists couldn't vote for themselves." But apparently they could pick their fellow panelists -- Greenwald also made the list at number 8.

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