On Stephanie Miller Show, They Joke About Fox Making 'Anti-Obama Fetish Porn'

Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller was predictably whacking away at Fox News on Thursday from her tiny bunker on the Current cable network and liberal talk radio. “Wow, so Fox and Friends airs essentially what is four minute free anti-Obama ad, as if it’s like a news piece, right?”

Democratic consultant/gay activist Karl Frisch had to make it porny: “The value of airing such a commercial was calculated at about $100,000. But this is really not the story. I mean the real story is the shortage of personal lubricant in New York City as a result of this ad because it really just amounts to anti-Obama fetish porn.”

Miller sidekick Chris Lavoie joked, "Might we say Astroglide, which is the official personal lubricant of The Stephanie Miller Show."

Frisch then doubled down: "I was surpised when they came back from the spot on Fox & Friends and Steve Doocy was holding a jar of Vaseline."

Frisch concluded: “Fox News probably loved putting this together and I bet it does go much higher than the Associate Producer. Fox News is a member of ALEC, for people that didn’t know. Last election cycle, they gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican Governors Association. Um you know they’ve done fundraisers for Republicans left and right. So this is not surprising, it’s just, you know, in your face.”

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