Daily Kos Unglued About Trayvon, Smears Republicans as Racist Paranoid [Insert Curse Words] With Guns

As the media coverage of Trayvon Martin's death turns more political, with President Obama calling for national "soul-searching" and Newt Gingrich and others on the right calling his remarks "disgraceful," the politicizers at the Daily Kos are upset their preferred Racist America narrative is being questioned.

Jesse "Ministry of Truth" LaGreca is once again coming unglued with hatred: "The hoodie didn't cause Trayvon's death, the paranoid a**hole with a gun and a prejudiced fixation on black people did, but then paranoid a**holes with guns who think black people are trying to take their stuff make up the majority of the GOP base," so they fixate on Obama. He indicted conservatives from a New York Daily News article by Aliyah Shahid, and slammed them for wanting more facts:

Who could know the facts? This isn't a religious miracle that no one could prove like the parting of the Red Sea, we have science and ballistics reports, Rick, this isn't the stone age. And frankly, isn't the "who could know the facts?" defense the same one conservative use when we present them facts about climate change, evolution and Obama's Birth Certificate? Lying ass Republicans don't want to hear your facts and scientific evidence, their gut tells them that "no one could know" because that is the only way they can handle the reality of always being the dumbest f***ing guy in the room whenever they are out of their know-nothing but Fox News culture.

All the asterisks are mine on the dirty words. This is the caliber of pundit that gets welcomed on MSNBC and Current TV (and can you believe ABC's "This Week" honored him with air time??) Let's hope they've alerted the seven-second-delay button pushers when these Kosmonauts clip on a microphone. LaGreca then turns the motto for Skittles candy into his hateful motto of the day (it's also his headline):

I honestly no longer give a shit about offending conservatives. Conservatives who are hell bent on making life miserable for gay people, women, black people, working class people, you name it, these bigots can kiss my grits. Ohhh, calling you bigots hurts your feelings? Tough shit. You don't get to be the bully AND the victim. Taste the f***ing rainbow.

Because the rainbow is coming for you, Conservatives, a generation of people who don't hate gay people, black people, women and every one else you love to demonize, and none of them will ever vote Republican again because they have seen you govern under Bush and FAIL miserably at it, and they've watched you attack their friends for far too long. The Reagan Revolution is OVER, done, kaput. Ronald Reagan is dead, he was a sh***y President who used race-baiting speeches in Philadelphia, Mississippi to get elected and now he is dead and his revolution is over. The next generation f***ing hates Dick Cheney and loves Eminem, they think Fox News is a total joke and gay marriage should be allowed, and if the Republican party were to collapse tomorrow in a Santorum-scented, Brooks Brother's tailored implosion of its' own ego driven hubris the next generation will be dancing in the streets to celebrate.

Dear Conservatives. Taste the rainbow. Love the rainbow. And do shut the f*** up about race-baiting. Listening to conservatives complain about race-baiting is like listening to a pack of wolves complain about they way the sheep are always mean to them.

"Ollie Garkey" was also upset at conservatives:

Hunting down a child armed only with Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea, Zimmerman a police order to cease pursuit, and shooting him dead is clearly wrong. The preceding is not a political statement. Believing that it is wrong to stalk, chase, and murder a child is not a sign of liberal bias. The wrongness of stalking and murdering a child is not open for debate. That the right wing wants to have a fight over this is disturbing.

I don't understand why conservatives even want to have this discussion! I don't understand why they want to be the party that is okay with stalking and murdering black children!

They should call this website the Daily Straw Man.

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