Daily Kos: Erick Erickson Too Cruel for CNN

Over at Daily Kos, Jesse “Ministry of Truth” LaGreca is infuriated that RedState’s Erick Erickson would proclaim on the radio that “watching that hippy protester get tazed [at Occupy DC]  just made my day.”

He wrote, “Eric [sic] Erickson gleefully illustrated yesterday that the only thing that truly makes conservatives happy is watching someone else suffer. Since Conservative policies are causing 99% of us to suffer, they have a lot to be happy about these days. Dear CNN, do you find police brutality in America 'Hilarious'? If you don't, why would you employ Erick Erickson?"

Naturally, Jesse thinks MSNBC is much, much more dignified in its rhetoric than CNN or Fox News. (Don't hurt yourself as you fall down laughing.) He taunted Erickson, and urged the launch of a thousand hostile tweets:

You are cheering the suffering of others. Last I checked, that makes Sweet Baby Jesus cry.

This is why Republicans, despite their blather, totally suck at upholding the constitution and protecting Americans, they are too busy undermining the government so special interests can exploit Americans, but ooh, look, I have a flag lapel pin! Shiny!

Imagine if I went on MSNBC and said something truly horrible, something totally indefensible, maybe something about enjoying the suffering of my fellow countrymen. I don't think they would ever invite me on again. Well at CNN they give you a paycheck for that. And at Fox News they run you for President. (Italics his)

The thing I take away from watching GOP debates is that the only thing conservatives can cheer for in America anymore is for the things that conservatives like, and a boot stamping on the face of the people they hate. A banker stamping on your fingers as you try to climb the economic ladder, that's the modern conservative movement. (Bolding mine.)

Republicans cheer the death penalty. They cheer for torture. That creeps me out. Now it is getting obvious that Republicans don't just cheer cruelty, they get off on it.

So here's a New Rule: If your first reaction to any human suffering is to cheer, you don't get to complain about Hitler ever again.

His twitter handle is @ewerickson. Dear Anonymous, do your worst.

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