Both-Ways Bill Press: Ban All Guns, But Hurray for Teen Mom Who Shot Home Invader?

Listeners to the Bill Press radio show on Thursday morning -- and there were probably not very many -- must have winced at the complete political schizophrenia or logical incoherence of the self-proclaimed "Mr. Gun Control."  Press asked the audience if 18-year-old Oklahoma mom Sarah McKinley was right to shoot a home invader armed with a knife to protect her little boy? He said "damn right" -- and explained how he also favors banning all handguns and "assault rifles." So, um, how would Knife-Threatened Teen Mom defend herself in Bill Press's ideal America?

"I gotta tell you I am Mr. Gun Control, okay?I think there are too many guns. They’re too easy to get. Most people don’t need them," Press declared. "For hunting only I would say as long as they’re licensed and you know how to use them, that’s okay. But for any other reason, I would ban all handguns. I would ban all assault rifles. I’m as strong as you can get." [MP3 audio available here]

"We ought to have background checks at gun shows and at every gun shop and not allow anybody who’s had any law enforcement, any legal problems with the law, or certainly any mental problems. I mean just make ‘em [gun laws] as tight as you can across the board," Press proclaimed.

And then he added, "But in this case? Boy, (exhales) I think absolutely she did the right thing!"

He blathered on: "I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her....Talk about a cool, calm, collected cucumber. Who had called 911 first, not shoot first and then ask questions later. First, call? Very responsible thinking on her part, and I applaud that 911 operator, too....Damn right she did the right thing!"

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