Thom Hartmann: Conservatives Are 'Powerful Strain of Anti-Americanism'

Leave it to Thom Hartmann, the liberal radio host, to assert that conservative Republicans are un-American, because apparently, unless you love Big Government, you're not very American. He not only said that on Monday's show. He asserted that if there were such a thing as a "sentient deity" he would be urgently send us the message "Stop pumping carbon into your atmosphere!"

Is it any wonder they can't make liberal radio a ratings smash? Here's the "powerful strain of anti-Americanism" rant:

HARTMANN: There is a powerful strain of anti-Americanism that disguises itself as the Republican party and the so-called conservative movement that I think would horrify moderate conservatives like Dwight Eisenhower and even serious conservatives like Barry Goldwater, who actually believed that government can be and should be a force for good...[Neither] of them would have gone so far as Reagan did and say [that] the government is not the solution; the government is the problem.

Ronald Reagan, spokesman for a "powerful strain of anti-Americanism"? That certainly sounds like it's twisted backwards and upside down.

A few minutes later, Hartmann played a clip of Michele Bachmann's joke about the recent earthquake and hurricane being a message from God to get our house in order, which obviously upsets liberals who don't really believe in God.

Hartmann complained:  "For the record, I don't think that this is God trying to tell us anything other than, assuming that there is an individual, sentient deity who is actively and aggressively trying to send us messages, the message would be, 'Stop pumping carbon into your atmosphere!'

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