Daily Kos Hates Humans: 'We Could Really Use a Global Superplague'

August 11th, 2011 8:48 AM

Liberals like to describe themselves as the most compassionate ones, the ones that believe like Hubert Humphrey did that the moral test of a society is how it treats its vulnerable citizens in the dawn and the twilight of life. That's not the party line at the Daily Kos.

Jon Stafford bluntly wrote on Wednesday night that "I often describe myself as 'Not Pro-Choice, Pro-Abortion.  There are too many goddam people already.' And while this is meant to be facetious, nevertheless there is a seed of truth in it, because I believe that the world is wildly overpopulated and that we must take steps as a society to reduce it.  This will undoubtedly be met with accusations of callousness, but we could really use is a global superplague.  The Black Death may have been horrible, but without it there would never have been a Renaissance."

This is not exactly a quote that Planned Parenthood or NARAL Pro-Choice America will be using in their pamphlets to describe "pro-choice" views. Perhaps unsurprisingly,  Stafford also refuses to mourn the death of conservatives like Tony Snow.

I'm also the guy who said that it was good that Tony Snowe [sic] died of cancer.  Some of you may remember that this caused a little brouhaha. Bill O'Reilly mentioned the comment, and I've seen it quoted by right-wing sites.  In retrospect, that comment may have been over the line.  (I don't think I actually said it was "good" that he died, just that I did not care.  But still.)  My point was merely that this was a man whose job was to lie to our faces, so he was no great loss to society.  And yeah, that's cold.  And yeah, it's judgmental.  But I guess I'm a pretty judgmental guy.  Which is another way in which I differ from most progressives.  Or maybe not.

Stafford also unsurprisingly declared himself a radical atheist, linking back to his recent comments on Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann:

Rick Perry scares me.  Michele Bachmann too.  Not because they are crazy (although they are), but because they are charismatic and crazy. Because they tap into a strain of crazy that runs deep and strong in this country, a Christian fanaticism that is every bit as ugly as its Islamic counterpart.  And every bit as destructive.

So wait, this Kosmonaut welcomes a "global superplague," a new Black Death, and he thinks it's the Christians who have fanatically destructive wishes?