Lefties Giddily Ask: 'Could We Soon See A World Without Fox News?'

Vyan at Daily Kos is getting giddy in a post headlined “Could we soon see a world without Fox News?” It's apparently all over for FNC: "In less than a week the News of the World Wiretapping and Bribery Scandal has quickly metastasized into a Multi-Headed Dragon of Death for Murdoch Empire and simply lopping off one head, doesn't seem to be enough - the infection has already spread."

Now that Fox-hating liberal interest groups, bloggers,  and Democrat politicians are vowing to investigate, the Kosmonauts think Murdoch's "criminal enterprise" is about to collapse:

With the current head of the Murdoch's Wall Street Journal caught directly in this scandal - it won't be long before they start shedding those assets as well, and yes, Fox News too - as it's been obvious for a long time they are a Criminal Enterprise just like the rest of his media empire.  Possibly one of the worst since Murdoch didn't buy them as an existing enterprise - He built it from the Ground Up, which means the rot has always been part of it's core.

The topic also came up on Tuesday's Thom Hartmann show, where a Washington liberal had to tell Hartmann to calm down with the Mafia metaphors for Murdoch Incorporated:

HARTMANN:Aren't we looking right now at...an organized crime syndicate, basically, that owns newspapers, or am I being hyperbolic here?


But then, so was Randi Rhodes on Monday afternoon: "The whole world is being blackmailed by FOX News!"

But perhaps these people are all pikers compared to Mike Malloy, who went on a typical oxygen-deprived rant on July 7:

MALLOY: But the reason it's important is because Murdoch and his banshees in this country - they try constantly to corrupt, pollute and destroy this society, everybody - everybody from this twit Sean Hannity...to the raging psychopath that was recently fired...to - to Bill O'Reilly, some kind of a twisted sex pervert of the highest order, to all these dingbats that they have all day long on FOX News - empty headed vacuum brains, it's astonishing to watch!

Rupert Murdoch should be shut down! He should be denied a business license! The federated uh police should march on um, Fox News Channel headquarters tomorrow, lock everybody up on suspicion - material witnesses to what went on in the UK. Just lock them all up! No bond, nothing! And after the time that could be held, according to FOX News Channel, uh, people should be held on suspicion as long as it takes. Once we've reached some kind of limit then we should charge them with attempted treason against the United States. What do you call it when you have within your country a news organization, a couple of them, that spends its entire budget trying to tear down and destroy the structure of the country? What do you call that? Treason! There's another word for it!

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