Rosie O'Donnell Attacks Palin for Ushering In 'Ignorance as a Consumerable Quantity'

On Wednesday's edition of the Rosie O'Donnell show, Rosie went after Sarah Palin as an ignoramus as she lamented that Obama had to go through hoops to produce a birth certificate: "[Obama] has just released his actual birth certificate...He asked [Hawaii] to break their law and release it to shut all these idiots up."

But when you start attacking other people as ignorant, it's probably a bad idea to start mangling words and getting things wrong: "Sarah Palin has ushered in a whole new level of ignorance as a consumerable quantity." Consumerable? If Palin said "consumerable," how many reporters and comedians would rejoice? (See "refudiate.")

Rosie then said "When she was running, it was almost like a joke that she would say the things that she did, like 'I can see Russia from my house.'" It wasn't "almost" a joke. It was actually a joke by Tina Fey -- and not something Palin actually said.

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