NPR: Schumer Ties Scott Walker to Deadly 1911 Fire

Liberals have a bad habit of mixing funerals (or death anniversaries) with political rallies. On Friday night's All Things Considered, NPR's Robert Smith offered a story that was 100 percent about union activists and liberal politicians, with no rebuttals.

NPR anchor Melissa Block began: "New York City today marked the 100th anniversary of one of its worst disasters: a fire at the Triangle shirtwaist factory that killed 146 people. NPR's Robert Smith reports that the city's unions used today to voice their anger over recent union setbacks."  

Smith revealed Sen. Charles Schumer somehow connected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to those long-ago fiery deaths:

SMITH:  The appalling safety conditions in the Triangle factory became a rallying cry for unions 100 years ago. And with unions under attack again, they're going back to what worked. Bruce Raynor of Workers United.

Mr. BRUCE RAYNOR (Workers United): We come together to remind ourselves why those workers were killed by the greed of their bosses, that those workers were fighting for their rights to have a union in that workplace.

SMITH: By the end of the rally, the anger at the greedy bosses of yore morphed easily into outrage at recent union setbacks in Wisconsin and New Jersey. Senator Chuck Schumer came awfully close to blaming Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for the fire.

Senator CHUCK SCHUMER (Democrat, New York): And to the families of the victims, we will not let right-wing ideologues and Scott Walker Republicans undo your loved ones' legacy!


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