Daily Kos: In Wisconsin, the Plutocrats Plot 'Walkercide'

The hatred of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continues in the fever swamps of the Daily Kos. The blogger "Patience John" posted an article Wednesday headlined "Walkercide: Killing the American Dream for Corporate Paymasters." Try not to pay attention to the mangled syntax: that "Walkercide" sounds like a plot to kill the governor, not the other way around, or that the headline suggests a plot to kill the dreams of corporate paymasters. As usual among Kosmonauts, the capitalists plot to build a class of wage-slave peasants:

The elite never want the American worker to realize that the workers generate all the wealth of our republic, and this new corporate aristocracy just feeds off it.

They have a plan.

It is called Walkercide, and it is meant to kill the last of the good American jobs. [Emphasis his.] 

In the world of "Patience John," democracy has been stolen by the capitalists, and "Lady Liberty" is held hostage by the free enterprise fans. It began:

When will we wake up to the greatest threat to our republic in a generation?

The average American citizen has more to worry about from our corporate overlords than any Frankenstein blowing back on us due to our imperialistic foreign policy. The very foundation of our country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, is under siege by a plutonomy based on wealth and decadence.

Never have so few controlled so many and dared to call it democracy.

This cabal of elites knows time is ticking on their hidden hand and black propaganda techniques as the InfoTech Age blossoms with its promise of free and transparent information. That is why they are pushing so hard, so fast, least they lose control of the republic's purse string, giving control back to the citizens of this land.

That is their greatest fear, that equality and basic American fairness is restored to our economic and political systems.

They have spent thirty years on this project, they will not go quietly into the night. They will turn all the citizens of our land against each other to ensure their continued position of holding Lady Liberty hostage and defiled.

We, as a people, need to stop and think about why we are at each other's throats when it is the corporate paymasters that are the root of our current problems.

And this conspiracy theory wouldn't be complete without lying capitalist media outlets:

They are trying to kill the American dream and install a permanent working class of slave wage peasants to serve their decadent dreams of a corporate aristocracy.

They have being using their media outlets to lie to us all, to turn worker against worker, citizen against citizen, brainwashing us to manufacture consent against our own self interests in order to serve them.

Is it any wonder that Bill O'Reilly has so much fun pinning the ears back on these Noam Chomsky-adoring radicals?

[Hat tip: Sports Are For Jingoists]

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