WaPo Critic Toasts Worthy Future of 'Gay Equality'

Washington Post reporter and TV critic Hank Stuever helpfully provided a book-cover blurb for Sean Bugg, editor of the DC gay news magazine Metro Weekly. Bugg's new book is titled Boy Does World: Fifteen Years of Bad Behaviors, Bad Attitudes, and Happy Endings. The January 6 Metro Weekly featured this Stuever blurb, with a hurrah for gay "equality" of respect:

Sean was fearlessly funny in a fearful era clouded by AIDS, and Boy Does World is a wonderful chance to enjoy a retro romp into that past. It’s also an affirming look at some happy endings – the hard-won, worth-fighting-for future of gay equality and domestic bliss.”

But that's not all the blurb Stuever offered. On his website, Bugg uses this Stuever line, too:

Journey with us now back to a, well, not-more-innocent time, the ’90s, in Washington, D.C., where country-mouse-turned-city-boy Sean Bugg saw it all, did it all, and wrote about it all: dick dancing, bathhouse etiquette, closet cases, A-gays and (gulp) fantasies of Keanu Reeves.

Stuever in these promotions is not presented as a Washington Post critic, just as the author of the books Tinsel and Off Ramp.

Washington Post Hank Stuever
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