Joy Behar, Narnia Numbskull

On Thursday's edition of The View, Joy Behar displayed how little she knows Sarah Palin's favorite authors. As they discussed Palin's answer to Barbara Walters asking what she reads, and Walters said Palin reads C.S. Lewis for "divine inspiration," Behar asked "Aren't those children's books?"

She wasn't joking, but she obviously liked the idea that Palin wasn't smart enough to read "adult books." The Narnia books aren't exactly Dr. Seuss. Behar isn't educated enough to know about his classic works of nonfiction in Christian apologetics, like Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. She can tell you all about Jersey Shore, but theology is not one of her hobbies:

BARBARA WALTERS [to Joy]: Okay. Your friend Sarah Palin.

JOY BEHAR: Oh, yeah.

WALTERS: So we asked her the question that got her in trouble when Katie Couric said, what do you read and she didn't seem to be able to answer it. So now she did. Want to hear what she says? She said, I am reading Dean Karnazes’ book about an ultra-marathoner. She said I read a lot of C.S. Lewis when I want some divine inspiration.

BEHAR: Aren't those children's books? C.S. Lewis?

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: He did write some --

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: He wrote some children’s, but he wrote some good adult books.

Walters tried to educate Joy, and then the segment turned into pandering to the boss:

WALTERS: He was arguably the most influential Christian writer of the day. He is considered an intellectual giant. I mean, these were the books. She also said she reads the Wall Street Journal, she reads the local papers. And she said because of that one episode that is with Katie, because of that one episode, that would turn into an issue, in what has become the biggest issue of the last few years. Why is that happening? Why has the media done it? So on.

HASSELBECK:Why did she leave off one very important book off her list? " I don't understand why she left that off the list. Your paperback of, Audition. I don’t know why should she would leave that off the list. I have it right here!

BEHAR: Elisabeth, you have the job! 

Walters joked that "Next year, the most fascinating person is going to be Elisabeth."

C.S. Lewis
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